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Accounts Payable (Payor) Benefits

Customers estimate saving $1 per check! The ability to send checks electronically makes a lot of sense and saves dollars for a business focused on reducing costs. A company using VerifyValid™ to create and send checks saves on postage, envelopes, check stock and time.

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Accounts Receivable (Payee) Benefits

Get your money faster! VerifyValid™ offers you the flexibility to receive digital checks, print and deposit them like any other check, OR receive them into your own Virtual Lockbox™ and even electronically deposit into your account at a participating bank via RDC.

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Financial Institution Benefits

Your customers are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. VerifyValid™ offers your bank or credit union a way to partner with your account holders to enhance their profitability. Contact us to learn more about how you can offer your business customers an innovative way to improve efficiency, reduce risk and save money!

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Even faster. VerifyValid payments from your mobile phone.

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