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Issue, receive and deposit eChecks
from your iOS or Android device

Mobile Checkbook on iOS and now on Android

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download the app
  2. Link your checking account
  3. Start issuing eChecks

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Pay via eCheck from any iOS or Android device. You can issue eChecks to anyone simply by typing in their name and email. You can even use your contacts or a predefined payee list.

Get Paid

Get paid and know the check has arrived wherever you are. Immediate confirmation of received eChecks by viewing your eLockbox from your smartphone.


Deposit eChecks directly into your checking account (at qualifying financial institutions).

Peace of Mind

eChecks are the safest way to send and receive a payment

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  • eChecks can only be issued from authenticated checking accounts.
  • Your information is stored on our secure servers, not your device.
  • Every transaction is recorded and stored in your account's history.

Getting Started With eChecks - FAQ

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  • Is it free to start using VerifyValid?

    Yes, you can set up an eLockbox and try our 5-check starter checkbook at no charge. The mobile apps are also free to download and install.

  • Can anyone receive and deposit my eChecks?

    Yes, your payees do not need to have a VerifyValid account - just an e-mail address. eChecks can be deposited at a bank or credit union like any other check.

  • How does VerifyValid authenticate my checking account?

    When you add a checking account, VerifyValid will place a small deposit into that account. Your confirmation of the amount will verify that you are the account holder and have access to the account.